Saturday, April 16, 2011

rockaway the days

Brenda Photo Challenge: Spring.
Here sits this pair of rocking chairs on my front porch.  The intent was too sit out there and enjoy coffee in the mornings or a cold glass of sweet iced tea in the evenings.  This past week was busy and consuming.  The hours flew by and the miles added up.  I fired off about some 1100 portraits in the last five days.  Maybe tomorrow I can take one of these rockaways for a test drive. Thats the kind of mileage I want this weekend.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


50mm f5.6 1/640s ISO:400
We recently moved into a new home. An old new home if you will, built in 1924.  The afternoon sun pours in through the front windows bringing heavy warm light.  On moving day, I sat for a breather after carrying in mountains of boxes.  There I felt that warmth swell over me and cast my likeness onto the old plaster walls.  The wavy glass, like water, rippled and bent the light.  I reached straight for the camera.