Saturday, January 9, 2010

picnic art

55mm f8 1/125s ISO100
I stopped to have lunch at Sonic Drive-In one afternoon and decided to break tradition of eating from the car.  You know in that 50's drive in fashion... they come out in roller skates and deliver your food to you.  (it would be better if I was sitting in a '55 Bel Air with the rag top down.)  So anyway, I broke out to the outdoor seating area.  The polyvinylpolypoly coating in "Sonic Red" covered the diamond eye wire mesh table.  I saw a nice symmetry in it.  There can be a photo in almost anything.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Angel Guard

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Palmetto Sunset

On the grounds of Fort Moultrie on Sullivan's Island, South Carolina.  Here we are looking back across to James Island and Charleston.  The setting sun was slow to catch on... but then it exploded color across the canvas sky.  This was Thanksgiving Day and it wrapped up a great memory.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tilt Shift Experiment

18mm f4.5 1/80s ISO200
This is an experiment for me.  I am becoming more and more fascinated with "Tilt Shift" photography and the effects it can have for miniaturizing your subjects. (check T/S examples) So without the expensive T/S lens you are relegated to after shot processing.  This site is a great little toy to play with.   you'll quickly learn that most photographs don't make the change effective.  There is a perspective needed to make it really translate well.  As described, a downward view onto large areas works best. You'll see this in the example link.  I played it up with this one using my style of low perspective.  Here is a series of the photo as I stepped it through the process.  Elk River Falls is a 50ft drop into a very large pool for reference.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


55mm f5.6 1/125s ISO200
We have all been here in our lives. The excitement of snow and the playing outside in the coldest weather with hopes of the greatest adventures ever.  This cold weather system is lingering on us right now, embrace it.  Find a way to rekindle the little kid in you.  Find a smile.  Find the adventure in it.  Suck it up for a few days and live in the moment.  Get out and throw snowballs with your kid.  Make a snowman with them. Get some $19 snow pants and some $7 gloves and play in it until you are sweaty and wet and smiling.  Then come inside for some hot chocolate and a toasty fire.  It's a winter wonderland... share in it's adventure.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ghost Tree

55mm f5.6 1/125s ISO200
I stood below this tree and took several photographs.  Some were in focus and some were purposely out of focus.  I then chose two and laid them over each other to create essentially a multiple exposure.  I had an idea of how it would look in my head.  This was an exercise in capability of one of my software packages.  It's kind of spooks me.