Friday, December 11, 2009


4.6mm f4.0 1/100s ISO100
Sometimes...  like in this one. ha ha. I apparently had the timer set active when I tried to fire the shutter.  When I realized that I started laughing because the subject I was looking at was fading away.  At the same time I saw the hood collar was loose, so I went it to tighten it down.  Now the aforementioned timer was winding down...  and voila!  I got a shot of my palm.  This is an interesting set of angles and lines and shadows and highlights.  Mr. Baldwin, my HS photo teacher, called these "happy accidents."  I suppose it all depends on the eyes of the viewer.  For me... it works.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Battery Park

Battery Park. Charleston, South Carolina, USA.
This park hangs on the edge of historic downtown Charleston lined by houses hundreds of years old.  It fronts onto the Ashley and Cooper Rivers facing toward Fort Sumter in the middle of the harbor.  Speckled on the few acres are mortar and canon placements showcasing the strategic importance on this point.  Long growing live oaks are lined deep providing immense shade patches and wonderful atmosphere.  These birds, unknown to me, have nested in the tree tops here.  It is so nice of them to share the park.  I'll have to thank them next time I am there.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

better than rose colored glasses

Rainy Day Reds

I had a photo shoot scheduled tonight that just couldn't find way to happen.  This is what you get.  My friend and I had been granted permission to go topside onto the helo deck at a large hospital.  This would afford us excellent views of the city from aloft.  Bright Lights, Big City.  We were to discuss differing techniques and cross train on some new ones.  Unfortunately the rains came in early and have set in for the haul.  Low cloud cover, steady downpour and cold temperatures persuaded us to reschedule our rendezvous.  Instead I found my itchy trigger finger firing frames inside the house.  RED...  I dialed in on red and this is what you get haha.  An assortment of red items scattered and smattered within. Cheers.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Spider Nine

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Heading Out

Little River, South Carolina, USA.
230mm f5.6 1/15s ISO1600
This image was a hand held capture.  I was working on location at sunset on Bird Island standing nearly on the state line between North and South Carolina.  My tripod was set up and my subject stationary.  I was killing time while the light changed a bit more.  Several recreation boaters were heading from the Atlantic Ocean into the mouth of the Little River and further into the Inter-Coastal Waterway.  Their destination unknown.  Conversely there were commercial fishing boats heading out.  Carolina shrimp boats making way to their fishing grounds.  I've included here the sunset original and a basic B&W conversion of it.  You can see that I worked over the image pretty good for my final.  I can see it hanging on the wall in a local seafood house telling the salty story of this evenings menu.