Saturday, October 24, 2009

Basic Image Manipulation

Image manipulation is much easier these days.  Digital Darkroom software can put user friendly tools at the fingertips of beginner photographers. Learning the in's and out's of these programs will be essential in developing your craft.  In the past where we used trays of chemicals, stop and wash baths to develop film and print paper copies of our images.  Now we transfer them to a computer and get busy on them.  Here is a flower image I took and ran several different processes on.
1. Contrast enhance
2. Sepia toning
3. B&W conversion (green)
4. B&W conversion (red)

Friday, October 23, 2009

C.O.D. (clover of the day)

Photo Flashback: HS

I recently was at a high school watching and photographing some sporting events.  While I was there I noticed several students walking around with film cameras.  Undoubtedly photo students- what kid would be carrying a film camera around these days otherwise?  I had a flashback to my HS photography class and it's assignments.  Everything was shot in B&W on ISO400 Kodak Tri-X or the new (at the time) T-MAX.  We had to see everything in shapes and contrast and shadows and grays.  That foundation taught me so much.  This day I set out to "re-enact" a photo assignment.  I choose to photograph the bleachers at the football field.  I wonder if I would have seen them the same way some 20 years ago?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sweet Dreams Baltimore

At night, the big red "Domino Sugars" sign, literally the size of a basketball court, glows from the refinery rooftop. Like the Orioles and crab cakes, the Domino sign screams Baltimore. It costs $100,000 a year to power and to keep the 1950s-vintage neon tubes in good repair. In this town, rich in the physical remnants of its working past, that's money well spent: a blazing reminder that people and machines still make things.  

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fuzzy Beans

I was driving through some farmland today in Maryland and these photographs jumped right out at me.  A peanut on a stick?  Hairy pea pods?  A little research at the USDA site led to me understand what soybeans look like in the field.  Maybe I managed to see them a little different than the average farmer.  I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OEC: Cheap Glass

My daughter and I love the quaint historic part on Old Ellicott City, MD.  We've taken several photo excursions into the antique stores along the main road.  Sometimes there are maritime wares, old furniture or figurines to snap shots of.  I did see Elvis recently right?  So this last trip I decided to use props.  I walked around the store using depression ware, cut glass and castings to produce interesting results.  The light bending and coloring through this cheap glass work created wild and interesting lightscapes.  The shallow DOF added attention to details in the intricacy of the glass itself.  It was a self imposed assignment.  Pick a subject and run your creativity, tools and ability through the paces.  You may surprise yourself with a grand happy accident.

Monday, October 19, 2009

i saw elvis

There I was... in the presence of greatness...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bull Thistle +/- 500ft.

Bald Mountain, Shenandoah Range. George Washington National Forest near Harrisonburg VA.  With an altitude of 3680' there is some magnificent stuff happening there all the time.  I was there over the weekend having some trail rides in my Jeep Cherokee. We had a BLAST!  I found some Bull Thistle with early morning dew still clinging to it t around 10am.  Then 500ft. up when we got atop of Bald Mountain the wind was blowing steadily.  It was 37deg. and the fog/clouds were freezing molecules atop themselves in the direct wind.  What a wild image.  The flowers were still in color and unprepared for the onslaught.  It was fantastic to see.