Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Captain Kirk...

This is a commisioned work I did for a music album. "Captain Kirk and the Beauty Queen" is a music collection I worked on as Executive Producer. We had a grand time working out the art design concepts and created several different themes before "KirkBall" was finaled. I had "KirkBall" in studio for several shoots as we collected 1500+ images. He was easy to work with for the most part haha... but we did have our moments. The album will release in a few weeks.


  1. I was drawn to the 2 galleries that had many images in them. Both the colour and black and white ones were really good and it was fun to have other pics in the mix too, like aeroplanes and plugs. The black and white stuff was really Achtung Baby but in your own way.

    great pics by the way!

  3. Actung Baby (U2) and Crush (Bon Jovi) have done similar things in the past. Ace Enders' new release have a similar arrangement also. Although I have been using this "photogrid" for Joel long before Ace ever released his artwork ;)

    All the photos are pieces I took at live shows, studio work or candids of Joel. Then I assorted and arranged other works into the grid for the album. It was a fun time for sure.