Friday, August 28, 2009

Digital Darkroom

When I started my photography training in a classroom we used film and chemical darkrooms.  We used to step into a pitch back room to roll out negatives onto a reel. Then proceeded to submerge them in chemicals to develop, stop and wash them.  Next we moved onto the enlarger to make prints.  These days it can be done digitally with SD cards, Picasa and PhotoShop.  But learning to use your software is just as important as the "old school" ways.  Capturing the image is the first part of photography.  The later parts are just as crucial.  Manipulation in a darkroom, or digital darkroom, will change your outcome.  Here is an example I did working with musician Joel Port.  A variant of this was ultimately used in a full promotion swing we did.  Creating this provided a visual with much more impact than the original and fit the bill perfectly.

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  1. definitely love the different versions...
    I need to look into the old school ways