Saturday, November 21, 2009

Step Into The Light


  1. this is really cool . but . i din't get . is it a real person ? looks like a doll .
    what makes get even cooler .

  2. This is my daughter, walking down the stone spiral staircase at this "Washington Monument."

    "Washington Monument State Park is named for the first monument in the country erected to the "father of our country," George Washington. A rugged stone tower was dedicated to the first president by the citizens of Boonsboro in 1827. Washington traveled through Western Maryland in his early years as a surveyor. The Appalachian Trail winds through this park and passes the base of the monument."

    The sunlight rushing in on the entrance of the staircase was a stark contrast to the near darkness above. The staircase turns roughly 360 deg. as it climbs and blocks out nearly all the natural light from the top. Converting this into B&W then forcing high contrast created this "not real" feel to it.

    It is definitely not a typical snapshot from a family outing... but the two of us will forever remember this great day in our own way. This is a snapshot from our lives.

  3. Very beautiful picture, love this air of mystery.
    Hello ...