Monday, December 28, 2009

Linville Falls. NC.USA.

250mm f22 1/4 ISO:200
This is Linville Falls in North Carolina. It is a three stage cascade that is breathtakingly beautiful.  It was about 30deg. today and I was bundled up pretty tight for the 1 mile hike to this vantage point.  It was a bit more difficult due to the 6 inch ice pack we walked to get there.  I slowed the shutter for the water flow effect and manage to capture several good shots at 1/4s... which is pretty slow for hand held.  The post hike huffing wasn't helping.  I have a pretty good "cat" story from this water fall location.  One day I'll bring it to the blog for you...


  1. love it!
    we're getting more snow... right now ha ha

    much love

  2. How beautiful !! Thank you for the transport to a white Christmas

  3. Hi Jason
    Interesting display of photos on your blog. I invite you to look into my blog as I have a variety also but as you will see quite different and I hope, enjoyable. Happy blogging for 2010

  4. Beautiful. Makes me want to go out and try for a waterfall shot myself.