Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rainy Day Reds

I had a photo shoot scheduled tonight that just couldn't find way to happen.  This is what you get.  My friend and I had been granted permission to go topside onto the helo deck at a large hospital.  This would afford us excellent views of the city from aloft.  Bright Lights, Big City.  We were to discuss differing techniques and cross train on some new ones.  Unfortunately the rains came in early and have set in for the haul.  Low cloud cover, steady downpour and cold temperatures persuaded us to reschedule our rendezvous.  Instead I found my itchy trigger finger firing frames inside the house.  RED...  I dialed in on red and this is what you get haha.  An assortment of red items scattered and smattered within. Cheers.


  1. Nice textures.
    I'll have to try that sometime on a rainy day. Maybe tomorrow...more rain :(

    Nice work!

  2. leather, painted pottery, dusting glove, fabric and what? good guesses, right? much better than rainy day blues .... love the reds !!

  3. RED!
    One color I abslutely LOVE!
    Much Love