Tuesday, January 5, 2010


55mm f5.6 1/125s ISO200
We have all been here in our lives. The excitement of snow and the playing outside in the coldest weather with hopes of the greatest adventures ever.  This cold weather system is lingering on us right now, embrace it.  Find a way to rekindle the little kid in you.  Find a smile.  Find the adventure in it.  Suck it up for a few days and live in the moment.  Get out and throw snowballs with your kid.  Make a snowman with them. Get some $19 snow pants and some $7 gloves and play in it until you are sweaty and wet and smiling.  Then come inside for some hot chocolate and a toasty fire.  It's a winter wonderland... share in it's adventure.


  1. I have done it all. Now I can watch DVD...

  2. My dog and I like to see if the snow can support us..now it can !

  3. Another Fun Day !!

  4. Awesome!
    I've been dying to ride up to Boone to play in the snow. Is there still a lot left?

    I will certainly start following your daughter's blog. She has great talent from a great teacher!