Sunday, January 10, 2010

prayers for grandfather

105mm f/5 1/400s ISO200
Mile High Swinging Bridge, Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina.

These last three weeks have been both beautiful and brutal on Grandfather Mountain and the high country area. The Christmas Day ice storm was devastating to the forests, trails and power systems. Recover has been slow due to extreme cold weather and it's lingering conditions. The ice damage will have visible markers for years to come in the tree tops.  I miss be able to touch the mountain and find another fix of that calm inner peace that so many people understand. Grandfather Mountain is special. We all are sending our thoughts and prayers to the staff and volunteers working to restore operations. We send our love and prayers to the mountain itself.


  1. yes... i shot this photo today from Rt 105 behind St. Bernadette Catholic Church.

  2. Gorgeous photo.

    That is terrible news. My prayers go to Grandfather Mountain, the surrounding areas, and the people involved.

    I've been wanting to ride up to the mountains for some photo-ops, and I guess I can scratch Grandfather Mountain off the list.

    Get well soon mountains of North Carolina!

  3. Breathtaking photograph !! It's serenity is spiritual, emotionally and visually.

  4. Just awesome.....great blog......I feel lots of emotion - thank you - now I need to paint!!!!!
    Inspiration you bring me!

  5. AMAZING Photo! Your blog is really booming now! i remember when it said 150 views now it's up to 750?! AWESOME! Great work... taking your advice ;) Stay Awesome!

  6. Enjoy your blog. It's always fun to see the work and thoughts of fellow photographers! Regarding this image, I live in the Rocky Mts. and have a beautiful view of Mt. Timpanogos from my back deck. There is a beauty, peace and spirituality that can oly be found in the mountains!