Monday, July 12, 2010

pipevine swallowtail

These butterflies are common in the mountains of North Carolina.  I stumbled up on several on the bank of a small stream.  This one stood it's ground as I approached and allowed me to capture several shots from 3-4 inches away.  Then it slowly lifted off and circled me.  As I researched what type this butterfly was I came across images of it's caterpillar stage.  Wildly enough, just a few days earlier I have snapped off a few frames of a strange caterpillar, it turns out they are one in the same.


  1. I love synchronicities. Beautiful adult, not so pretty baby, :( Great pictures.

  2. How incredibly lucky to locate such beauties ! and willing participants, to boot ! Gorgeous, as always.

  3. Oh my, simply outstanding. These macros are amazing