Friday, August 20, 2010

canned sauce is not laust


  1. not need to look any further ...
    art is everywhere

  2. I don't often get to exotic locations in Africa, Tahiti or the hills of Ireland. Who does? My eye is dialed more into of the every day things. How do we find art in our lives? Where does it hide? Does a photograph have to be art at all? Yeah, I don't know. I just shoot what I see. My mood dictates it a lot.

    Again, I have two basic rules or idea that I keep in mind for shooting. They don't always apply, but when they do the results are good.

    "Shoot the photo that no one else sees." and
    "get low." It will expand your portfolio, techniques and perspective.

  3. It helps if you have a good 'eye'. You do I see. Nice effect.