Friday, August 27, 2010

my blue ocean unveiled

46mm f10 1/200s ISO:100
I took my camera into a salvage yard one day and explored.  I found this old car with severely weathered paint.  I suppose I could have stood 15ft away and taken snapshots of the entire thing.  That is what most people do right?  Well,  I took my "get low" shooting style right into the hood.  The previous days posts can show you that perspective and imagination can transform most anything.  See what you see and share it.  Someone else designed and created the things we see everyday.  We need to Am. Idol them sometimes when we take photographs...  you know... "make it our own."


  1. I really admire the way you zero in on something most people would take the obvious point-and-shoot shot of or simply pass by, and yes - make it your own. And it seems you haven't manipulated the image in any way, yes? Not just looking, but seeing. This series of the junked car is inspiring - literal worlds to be found in rust and old paint! Bravo.

  2. agree realy inspiring! great idea

  3. You definitely have that artistic eye that can see what many of us do not. I so much admire that in you and your photos.