Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wild Natives

I love fishing in the mountains away from the world.  Here in North Carolina there are high mountain streams where some fish can only live.  There are special regulations for when and where you can fish for them.  Lure and bait restrictions aplenty.  They are typically small at 6" -8" and sometimes up to 10".  These wild native brook trout are a brilliantly colored and make for fantastic adventure.  All of these fish are protected in governed waters.  I practice "catch and release" and take only my memories ad a few photos from the streams.  Hiking up the headwaters of a high mountain stream with a short rod spooled with 2lb test and a single hook Mepp's Aglia spinner is my Calgon.  I'll be needing another "bubble bath" soon.



  1. Good post! Sounds very peaceful.

  2. Beautiful catch!!

    ['ô ] Avery

  3. Petit vairon ne deviendra pas grand...

    Bonne pêche !