Monday, November 22, 2010

a photostitch in time

70mm f5.6 1/640s ISO:100
This is mt first effort at making a panoramic photograph.  I used Canon's PhotoStitch tool to do it.  It was straight forward and very easy- take a shot at it.  Everybody know what photo stitching is?  I took 7 shots of this valley from the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Each shots was a section of this one.  I visually found a marker at the edge of the first frame and compose that mark just inside the left edge of my next photo.  The right edge of frame two became the left edge of frame three... and so on.  The software tool aligns the images and stitches them together.  In this case it smartly found the horizon and hills to match up.  Pretty cool little trick. 


  1. Good job. I like it.
    Greets Olli

  2. I took the series of pics knowing I wanted to test the stitch. It was handheld instead of on a tripod. It was interesting to go about taking the individual pan shots. I did this series in 9 shots... but dropped the end ones when I stitched it up. I also took a pan series of the same valley in about 25 shots. They were very overlapped and I thought maybe it would provide a "better" stitch. What I got in return was the group of 25 crashing the program every time I tried to run it haha. So 25 shots in this pan was excessive. But if I was trying a 360deg. pan from a building or mountain top it may take 25. I'll try to collect a 360deg. pan this next week and see what stitching it does. stay tuned.

  3. Nice pano! There is some good free software available online called Hugin. It's very easy to use and does such a good job it is impossible to see the joins. I've used it to stitch a half dozen or more photos with no problems.