Friday, January 28, 2011

Coffee Pop Art

I was asked to create some artwork for a coffee shop.  The owner wanted "Andy Warhol Pop Art."  That is not something I have ever tried.  So yesterday I taught myself the basics and did this as a first run draft.  She immediately bought multiple prints in multiple sizes.  I'd call that a successful exercise.


  1. The week found itself to be a busy one. I really didn't make time to keep up with posting. My apologies. Then I had this work come up and dove into it trying to pull it off. It turned out to be a nice trade off. I'll get back up to posting in a few days... I still have some "coffee art" to develop :)

  2. Jason, these are really cool! Congrats on a successful creative "experiment" that actually translated into some cash money! Good for you!

  3. very good approach of the theme
    best regards

  4. This is WAY cool Jason!
    Would be awesome for a little coffee shop...and congrats on the "job".