Thursday, January 13, 2011

wine glass lens

I was sitting on the beach watching the sunset.  As I enjoyed a cold glass of vinho verde I noticed the world in a different way.  You know me... I had to play with it.  Just a dabble to test.  I can see another venture out to perfect some similar effects.  See what you can do.


  1. Vinho verde has that effect on people! ;)
    I like the second one.

  2. Ahh Hugo... I lived on Terceira, Azores for some time and do love my surrogate homeland. The vinho verde brings me back every time I smell it, let alone the cool refreshing bubbles of love in my

    The first photo is a crop into the glass... and it is from a different image actually. I took several of the sunset through my vinho also. Maybe tomorrow I will get that one posted.

  3. Both of them are brilliant photos. Greetings.

  4. I have to plan a trip to Azores...
    The thing I like most in the second picture is that you were able to focus the beach through the wine.

    Best wishes,

  5. Love this effect, especially the second one! Not that I need any more reasons to drink wine, but it's nice I can now think of it as part of an artistic technique!

  6. that's right... the top image is cropped and rotated 180deg.

  7. Truly, who'd thunk !!! Super images, coming, going, upside down, straight on, or otherwise. Thanks for the trip to your beach.

  8. is it "defraction"??? Notice in the bottom photo--> The couple in focus is to the right inside the glass. But on the beach through the glass they are far left. The curve of the glass and the liquid "bent" the rays of light. With AF I was able to hold the glass and truly focus on the couple through the vinho prism.

  9. Absolutely Great the second one...

    Hugs from Vinho Verde Country,