Saturday, April 30, 2011

wet rockaways

I could see this image in my head differently over the few days I worked on it.  Setting up the scene I took a few more shots, tweaked it out like I envisioned and taaddaaaahh.  It is now hanging as a 20" x 30" print in the art store.  You can look back onto the original post of this last week to some subtle differences I made in the image.  Enjoy.


  1. Love the reflective powers of the rockers. Water is magic ... Let's take them for a spin right now !!!

  2. That is gorgeous! I hope that your print sells quickly for you - it should!

  3. Hello Jason Sparks,

    Excellent photography.
    Very nice cadre.
    Reflection in the water gives a special charm in this photography.

    Best regards

  4. THIS IS ON TIME! ;) tks madibo.