Thursday, October 1, 2009

Flightless Dragon - camera color adjust

Ever wonder what all the settings do on your camera?  Ever wonder how they work and what they actually change?  PLAY WITH IT!  Haven't I said that before?  You must learn the range of capabilities your own camera has.  Your creativity will grow ten fold when you learn to manipulate your tool (the camera).  Here is a poor unfortunate dragonfly that didn't choose a clear path one evening last week.  I was driving in light rain in the low country of South Carolina.  He got the smackdown from my Jeep grill.  At any rate...  I snapped off these photos in late afternoon lighting.  The first has the camera set to "auto" in the color mode field.  The second photo is taken with the "cool" choice and the third on... you guessed it- "warm."  As you can see- it alters natural coloring of the subject and manipulates the ambient lighting.  This can change mood in many cases. PS- don't forget to change your camera settings back to default to you start off correctly the next time.


  1. Sad but cool pictures!
    I like them all, they each give a different mood, as they were meant to do. But I think I like the last one.

    What Kind of Jeep do you have?


  2. when you click on it the "bigger" version comes up... wow the hairs on that thing.

    I have a Cherokee. I love it.

  3. I have really gotten into pictures of insects.

    My mom has a Grand Cherokee. I love Jeeps, and I want a Wrangler for my 16th birthday next year. Keeping my fingers crossed : )


  4. I think the cool blue version is the one I want. The alien atmosphere.

    That "rating" system of yours is really good. Instead of good/okay/bad all those choices actually mean something. I go for inspired with this one.

    ...thanks also for reminding me to set back the buttons. There is nothing so frustrating than seeing a lot of pics taken with settings for previous scene!