Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cheap Glass Two

I was asked for some more cheap glass, so here is another compilation.  These are glass plates, bowls and such that were sitting in an antique store.  I liked the way the cut and cast textures manipulated the light.  I set up for a shallow DOF and commenced to sorting through the four floors of the store.  Each object was held between a light source and the camera.  It was a fun project that produced some interesting results.  A venture like this encourages you to look at light distortion and shape perspective differently.  You may see something new.


  1. Wow ... absolutely positively sumptuously fabulous photographs .... LOVE THEM

  2. I love art glass. Blue glass is my favorite. I was lucky to see art glass made at the Sandwich Glass works in Sandwich, MA.

  3. I loved the first ones, and I love these!


    I would love to see these on my wall,

  4. Jason, this is such a good idea. Each photo individually is compelling, but having them all together makes even more of a statement, doesn't it? Well done! And Happy Thanksgiving. -- Carol Leigh