Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Arena #2 (sides)

40mm f3.7 1/20s ISO800
This is a covered arena used for horse training.  The metal halide lighting drops an eerie cold blanket over the earthen floor.  The warm reflections makes for a contradiction in lighting and altered the color base.  I shot this series in color, but all along had the b&w conversion in mind.  This allowed me to focus on contrast, shadows and grain instead.  The linear divide of the large plywood boards was so different than the organic composite of the floor.  Although well lit for our eyes, it was not for the little pocket camera I had with me.  I had to force the ISO up to 800 to capture these.  I even braced against the swing gate.  The small CCD sensor is not preferred and is less than ideal in most all cases for quality art photography.  But if you know how to use your equipment, know your tools, you can still pull off a good one here and there.


  1. Thank you! For the teaching. I gotta tell ya that comes in a close 2nd for me right after the picture and I so appreciate you taking the time to explain how the picture came to be. Thank you so much! Although I came and clicked on Nikon, I might come back later today and click on Canon! It is very hard for me to choose one over the other and if I could I would choose both. I am looking now for a new one and having a tough time deciding which will fill my needs better. Thanks again for the picture and the lesson!

  2. Thank you for the information - great shot!