Thursday, April 1, 2010

I am a Mottle.

40mm f3.7 1/110s ISO100
I got to play with one of the new "weatherproof/ waterproof" digital cameras recently.  This was a Fujifilm model, a small compact form factor with sealed controls and lens.  It's submersible to 10ft or so.  It has a very slow focus mechanism.  It is slow recycling between shots.  It is a short 3X optical zoom which is kinda old school these days.  But- what fun it can be floating in a pool, paddling down a river or snorkeling a shallow reef.  This wouldn't be a first camera for a serious photographer nor would it be a suitable backup.  But as a special use piece you can capture wet snapshots all day long.  What is the alternative?  Wrapping a bread bag around your DSLR and using two twisty ties?  Sony, Fuji, Panasonic and Olympus all have multiple entries in this fairly new market.  If you spend lots of time around the water- this could make for a fun and creative summer.  Oh yeah- this shot has the camera about 10 inches under the surface in the Patapsco River shooting back at my mug.  Mottled Me.

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