Wednesday, May 5, 2010


80mm f4.2 1/125s ISO100
Liberty Reservoir, Baltimore County, Maryland
The late afternoon sun was lighting up the far bank, in turn casting a brilliant reflection across the waters surface. These colors are untouched as the fresh Spring green leaves come to life.  The fallen tree here adds only perspective.  With out it in the image the colors don't look natural.


  1. Really awesome shot.
    Great work!

    ['ô ] Avery

  2. Incredible colors, very nice

  3. How beautiful can yellow and green get ? Wonderful imagery !

  4. Very nice composition. At first I thought it was a fall photo with such bright yellows mixed in with the light rusty browns, but the yellows of the spring green are awesome. You're right about the branch giving perspective to both size, color and to show that it is a photo and not an impressionistic painting.

  5. Very nice shot, I shoot at Loch Raven a lot. What brings you to the Balto. area?

  6. I lived in Ellicott City for many years and come back often for visits to friends and family.