Friday, May 7, 2010

well worn

4.6mm f2.8 1/80s ISO100
Taken while I was sitting around.  These are my painting jeans. Levi Signature Blue and Behr Parisian Taupe prove to be the canvas that caught my eye.


  1. Really cool! They look like a pair of my painting jeans.
    I knew instantly they were jeans, but the longer I look at the picture, the less it looks like jeans (make sense? :)

    BTW-- I just noticed this, not sure if you have, but your 'buttercupbench' and 'curtains' posts match! The placement of the 'brown' bench and 'brown' branches, then the 'yellowish green' backgrounds. How cool is that!?
    You should find more things that 'match' and make a collage or series.

    ['ô ] Avery

  2. I like to guess: is this your knee? And what were you painting with that color?

  3. Love it, LOL. I think everyone has colorful painting clothes!

  4. This pair of jeans suffered battleground lacerations that forced emergency amputation of it's lower extremities. Now the most comfortable, experienced and strong character shorts I have. McCasey, this is my thigh... and I painted interior walls of a a 900 sqft home this color. It is a fine color.

  5. AVE, I'll have to say that I only partially noticed that resemblance in the photos. I did see how the color palette was in color family but it didn't register about the placement of the branch and bench. Interesting. For me, the bench in "buttercupbench" is the subject and the focus for my mind and eye. In "curtains" the subject is the color and impressionist patterns the reflection casts.

    I have been thinking of running a few weeks with some theme posts. Several days of water or blue or motion or wildlife... I think your comment is the perfect urge I need. Let's see where this takes us. Thank you.

  6. And I thought that I was the only one who sat around taking pictures of my pant leg. Glad to see I'm not :)

  7. nice texture. it looks like a close-up map, in a geography encyclopedia. inspirational. :) hope to keep in touch. best regards!