Wednesday, June 16, 2010

b r o o k l o v e

I love to fish.  I do it for fun. It is relaxing, peaceful and rejuvenates me.  It feeds me.  I love to trout fish in the mountains of North Carolina.  I love scooping up bluegills in a South Carolina pond.  I scoring smallmouth in Maryland and hooking up with a largemouth bass anywhere.  I've caught hundreds of hundreds of fish in my life.  I can start at 0600 with a bottle of weater and a granola bar and be on the water for 12 hours easy, maybe 15 is they are biting.
I kept a few trout early this season in NC and MD, cleaning and grilling them for dinner.  But for the most part I practice a good policy of catch and release.  I am pretty dang good at setting a hook into the edge of a fish lip.  I remove them as carefully as possible an treat each and every fish with care and respect.  It may sound corny... but it is very true.  I take photos of many of the fish to commenorate the catch.  Then I release the fish gently back into the hole from whence it came.  It is a beautiful thing and I love it.


  1. Awesome image I love the way the scales on the fish make the whole thing look

  2. these are some stocked brook trout from the highlands of NC. I took liberty to overlay the image over a stream for an effect. it's not an ideal photograph... but it's me. sometimes the photo isn't the art, it's the emotion.

  3. Love the juxtaposition of the stream and the fish.
    The water has movement.
    The fish are still.

  4. I LOVE to fish. And trout are my favorite! Lovely photo!