Monday, August 2, 2010

fogtown itch

28mm f3.3 1/125s ISO100
I was there on the day the world changed
the murk came forward in heavy fog
cut at the knees, it took it's toll
disappeared, gone, abandoned
I was there on the day the world changed.


  1. La niebla le da belleza y algo de misterio, bella fotografía.

    Saludos! Joe

  2. I also took some pictures last week of the fog...I absolutely LOVE has a mysterious romanticism about it especially when the piece is amazing!

  3. Great shot! I have yet to get a really good shot in the fog. This picture is haunting and inviting at the same time. Haunting because it makes me afraid of what might be out there! Inviting because I what to be in the house or shack and out of the fog, like I'd made it home finely!

  4. Gorgeous. That is pure, primitive Tennessee.

  5. This was an outing with several point and shoot cameras. This was near Deep Gap, NC on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The fog was creating real throwback feeling. I may have heard a small regiment of greycoats scurry passed in the haze.