Friday, February 18, 2011

Alpine Meadows

This is a shot at the North Carolina / Tennessee state line looking up into the meadows at Carver's Gap.
Here is the original shot to compare with my saturation version.  Remember... I play with photos to push, stretch, test and learn...  so this doesn't necessarily make the photo better in my opinion, or ruin it.  It is just a different presentation.  I love the artistic freedom and creative variance I control.  
It's a power trip over the viewer.  ;)



  1. No way! This can't be real. No enhancement with photoshop?

  2. I love the colors! Did you apply a Topaz filter? Fess up!

  3. The PLACE is real... is that real enough?

    I'll have to look back over it to see what got tweaked. I know there is some saturation increase in this. I'll dig up the original pic and post it up here also.

  4. Regardless of the how, the magnificence of the place is so typically "God given", up there in those Carolina mountains. Each view, is almost more perfect than the last. Thank you for capturing some of it for us.

  5. Doesn't look like it's from Carolina.
    I really love the saturated version. They don't even look like the same pictures/scene (well technically they aren't ; )

  6. Me quedo con la edición de la imagen, realmente no parecen la misma.

    un saludo.