Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bull Thistle +/- 500ft.

Bald Mountain, Shenandoah Range. George Washington National Forest near Harrisonburg VA.  With an altitude of 3680' there is some magnificent stuff happening there all the time.  I was there over the weekend having some trail rides in my Jeep Cherokee. We had a BLAST!  I found some Bull Thistle with early morning dew still clinging to it t around 10am.  Then 500ft. up when we got atop of Bald Mountain the wind was blowing steadily.  It was 37deg. and the fog/clouds were freezing molecules atop themselves in the direct wind.  What a wild image.  The flowers were still in color and unprepared for the onslaught.  It was fantastic to see.


    Hopefully will get some pics of the changing of the leaves out here... it's beautiful!

    def love the frost on the second one!

  2. These are wonderful!

    The second one is fantastic!

    Great shots,