Friday, October 23, 2009

Photo Flashback: HS

I recently was at a high school watching and photographing some sporting events.  While I was there I noticed several students walking around with film cameras.  Undoubtedly photo students- what kid would be carrying a film camera around these days otherwise?  I had a flashback to my HS photography class and it's assignments.  Everything was shot in B&W on ISO400 Kodak Tri-X or the new (at the time) T-MAX.  We had to see everything in shapes and contrast and shadows and grays.  That foundation taught me so much.  This day I set out to "re-enact" a photo assignment.  I choose to photograph the bleachers at the football field.  I wonder if I would have seen them the same way some 20 years ago?


  1. Are you kidding? bleachers? WOW What a concept what an eye .... keepp those weird photos coming

  2. Hey- haha. I hope that isn't sarcasm. ;) You really CAN NOT make a good photograph out of jsut anything in my opinion. There are many things I just can't capture and know it when looking at it. If you can't get the right light... the right angle... the right something... then snapping frames is wasted. There are time though- the photograph works, the concept is captured, the effort fits. The manifest good of photography is finding that balance... I'll add more about this in a new post. TKS.

  3. I think it's very cool.
    I like number one and three.

    Great job!