Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OEC: Cheap Glass

My daughter and I love the quaint historic part on Old Ellicott City, MD.  We've taken several photo excursions into the antique stores along the main road.  Sometimes there are maritime wares, old furniture or figurines to snap shots of.  I did see Elvis recently right?  So this last trip I decided to use props.  I walked around the store using depression ware, cut glass and castings to produce interesting results.  The light bending and coloring through this cheap glass work created wild and interesting lightscapes.  The shallow DOF added attention to details in the intricacy of the glass itself.  It was a self imposed assignment.  Pick a subject and run your creativity, tools and ability through the paces.  You may surprise yourself with a grand happy accident.


  1. I love these, Jason. They make me think of ice crystals. How beautiful!


  2. Wow wow wow! These are awesome!
    They would look great as a set.
    I think the third one is my favorite.

    This makes me want to go take pictures of glasses!

  3. The third one is by far my favorite!

  4. I collected about 80 photographs around the one store. There is so much antique glass. I used some different light sources to back light them also. Some were a window, some a light tube on the ceiling and some were reflected light. It was FUN! You should try to same.