Thursday, December 3, 2009

Liquid Limbs

80mm f5.6 1/100s ISO200
It rained all day today, dismal.  The complete overcast gray skies leaked on everything.  We are soaked.  On my patio I noticed this fine reflection atop the small round glass top table.  You know the kind with smooth top and a mottle bottom on the glass, giving it that "shower door" look.  The lens was tricked just enough by that...  I was able to focus on the tree that was reflecting on the water's surface.  But the DOF captured some of the texture hidden under the water.  This image is fluid... in layers.  The depth of the image is unique because all of it is literally in 1/3in. of water and glass.
Can you feel the movement and flow?


  1. Very cool, I would not have been able to guess that is what it was!

  2. So so cool!

    Nice job!

  3. Hello! I run the Brenda Photo Challenges and just thought I'd pop over to view your Beautiful photos! They're Gorgeous! I'll be starting the challenges up again after the New Year so hope you'll join us!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  4. Interesting pic! It could be turned into a painting, or a print that looks like a painting (by now you'll guess: I'm a painter:) )

  5. Very beautiful. Looks like life flowing and pulsing.

    Lots of very nice photos on your site.

  6. I think I know that place ! and Love It !