Wednesday, December 2, 2009

windbown and warm.

Sunset Beach, North Carolina, USA
80mm f5.6 1/500s ISO100
This was an assignment of sorts I gave to myself.  You've learned I like to do that.  I picked up a new old sigma lens that has macro 1:2 at 80mm function.  So what can I do with that?  While I was at the beach last weekend I worked it out a bit.  As you can see the DOF is very shallow.  There is a distinct focus range that falls off quickly.  Almost too quickly in some cases.  The detail is nice and the optics do a decent job.  The limit to f5.6 will really limit low light capture considerably for close-ups. The AF is slower than I'd prefer, but it's fine for still life work.  Anyway... knowing about the focus line can be used to advantages in the future for dialing in images.  This lens is not designed as a single purpose macro.  It is a 28-80 short zoom walk around lens and overall performance is adequate. Outside of that tech talk...
I just like the photo. :)


  1. I really like that you explain what is going on in the photo and with the equipment. I noticed things in the picture I'm sure I would not have otherwise noticed.
    Thanks so much for your comments on electric sunset. I agree with you and you put it so well. Do you mind if I use it as a Quote sometime?
    Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but I was in the hospital with pnuemonia. Even though I had my computer and could edit pics there was no internet and besides I really didn't feel like doing much and I'm still on the mend.
    Thanks again, Johnina

  2. I agree.
    All the technical explanations are great.

    Great photo!