Saturday, April 24, 2010

Brenda Photo Challenge: Lighting

114mm f3.5 1/30s ISO100
Palmetto trees back lit by a fanciful sunset sky in Charleston, SC.  This is an example of lighting your subject, or rather back lighting it.  The trees silhouette into a crisp clean row of stately symbolism carrying power and impact to the viewer.


  1. Un hermoso contraluz, con colores muy agradables.

    Saludos! Joe

  2. Power and impact to the viewer, I couldn't have said it better. Gorgeous

  3. A peachy and yellow sky? That is a breathtaking sight. Love this one. Happy Sunday!

    Brenda Photo Challenge~Lighting

  4. What a gorgeous sky! Love the diagonal line of the trees too. Glad to see you participating in the photo challenges. From the quality of your photos, I can tell that you are serious about the art! If you are interested in having a wider main blog header to showcase your images better, please check out the handy link I have in my bog's sidebar.

  5. North Carolina is a favorite State of mine (and "mind"). Beautiful photo! Glad you joined. Looking forward to more photos!