Thursday, April 22, 2010

lion's tooth II

28mm f2.8 1/125s ISO100

This is an example of shallow Depth of Field (DOF) and different focal points.  You can see here how small amounts can change you photograph in different ways.  In this case from a soft delicate image to a crisp detailed image.  Not there there is a right or wrong here.  This is more creative taste and pursuit of what you are looking for.  How do you see the image and what do you want to capture.  With autofocus you can get creative by "tricking" the focus sensor.  Simply point at what you wish to focus on.  Press the trigger down half way until if "goes green" with a proper focus. Now keeping the trigger button half depressed...  re-frame your shot.  This way you can achieve the composition you really want AND get the focal point you want.  Give it a try.

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