Tuesday, April 20, 2010


500mm f4.2 1/125s ISO200
I've showcased painting filters and brushed images here in the past.  In this one though I took a more realistic approach.  This is real water color.  These yellow blossoms are reflected atop the slow moving stream.  The big green background of trees is blended softly with an afternoon sky.  The soft ebb flow in this stream offers the organic impressionistic reflections.  Look beyond what is right in front of you.


  1. ...OhMyWord...you're professional...you are GOOD...Hahahaa....I Love the photos in here! Especially, Scurry!!!Hahaa...Now That's GOOD!!

    So glad to have you playing along on the Brenda Photo Challenges! A lot of us are Very Amatureish...but are learning to get Out there and use our cameras! It's been fun.
    I created the Brenda Photo Challenges in honor of Brenda (Whats Up Down South). She "challenged" me one day to "just DO it"...Grab my camera and just Get out there...so I did...Now we have a blog and lots of fun...
    Hope you enjoy!!

  2. This is an absolutely amazing shot.
    Nice work!

    ['ô ] Avery

  3. Lovely reflection! Most folks forget about water reflections, so this is a great reminder. I'm looking forward to your 1st participation in the Brenda Photo Challenge! You have some wonderful and creative images here!