Sunday, May 9, 2010

Charlotte Skyline

500mm f8.0 1/500s ISO100
We took a hike up Crowder Mountain this afternoon.  The air was clean, fresh and made a beautiful day.  I had a clear view of the Charlotte skyline from atop the 1700ft mound.  I did some line of sight calculations and figured that distance from my shooting point to central Charlotte was roughly 23 miles.  The photograph is plain and regular.  This one is no art and all documentary.  It is a photo that captured a moment just the same.


  1. Finally a plain, unaltered photography...may not appeal to the other people who comment but I love it!!! True art in the pure sense of the word!! Thank you!

  2. I am glad you like it. I don't very rarely do extreme edits and most often do leave my photographs as is. Looking back over 150+ posts I'd have to say that was pretty accurate. I do however play from time to time with editing software to teach myself new angle, techniques and procedures. I'm not very skilled at that yet, but it is fun just the same.

  3. I agree I am just barely scratching the surface of editing. I think to some extent it helps you become a better photographer from a certain perspective! I so enjoy your work; you can tell you enjoy photographer very much and it is such a pleasure to see that through your art!!!