Wednesday, May 12, 2010


28mm f2.8 1/30s ISO100
This is fresh water flow in the Wilson Creek Gorge coming off the backside of Grandfather Mountain.  I was walking the rocky stream chasing elusive wild native brook trout.  From time to time I had to give way to capturing an image that caught my eye.  indeed, I caught several brookies also.


  1. This is a really cool shot Jason!

    Were you able to get any pictures of trout?

    ['ô ] Avery

  2. Oh yeah... I have pics of fish. I practice "catch adn release" almost all the time. So I take photos of the fish to capture it. Then release it unharmed adn free. I'll see what I can do about posting some of them. ;)

  3. Jason these pictures are absolutely AMAZING!!!! Oh my gosh I am in love with them. Flow II has me totally mesmerized it is totally like I am there; the reflections, the clarity of focus this is an amazing shot. And Flow I has such a serenity about it, you truly captured a moment in these shots; at least they are really speaking to me! Maybe I need a 'serenity break' All the same, thanks for providing that for me! Good work I feel like I am there. I am a water person and I love these shots. Thanks a million great way to start my day...I can almost hear the creek flowing!!

  4. Love the colors in the first one.
    The details in the second.