Monday, May 10, 2010

Grandfather Mountain

500mm f8.0 1/500s ISO100
This shot was taken from 1700ft elevation on Crowder Mountain, NC yesterday afternoon.  The distant ridge line is Grandfather Mountain with three identifiable points.  The high peak near dead center is Calloway Peak with Attic Window and MacRae's peaks to the left.  Making some line of sight calculations puts this at about 67 miles away.  Just another photograph of my afternoon.  I sure do love seeing Grandfather Mountain.


  1. It sure is amazing what a camera in it's simplest form (without all the gadgets on a computer) can do...Thanks so much Jason for these marvelous pictures what a journey!!! Beautiful photography.

  2. I would also again like to that you very much for always including the settings you use when you take your photos I really learn a lot from that and I really appreciate it a lot! Thanks very much. I am a self-taught photographer who has learned an awful lot from you and I truly do thank you!!!

  3. Love it .... great shot and always the beautiful view. Mountain skylines are favorites !!!